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Aussie IPOs Coming in 2023

February 9, 2023 4:00 pm
Published by: Marcus Crest

The stock market has been on a bumpy ride for the last few years, but things are starting to look up. With 2023 here, more investors are ready for what the new year has to offer, especially with the many IPO listings that keep showing up.

The Australian market is no different, with more than ten Aussie IPOs coming in 2023.

This article will be your guide to these IPO listings, with information on each company's listing date, issue price, estimated raised capital, and more.

Learn more about the most-anticipated Aussie IPOs in 2023 below!

1. ACDC Metals Ltd.●     Listing date: Yet to be released

●     Focus: Mining and rare earth elements

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: ADC

●     Raise: $8,000,000

The first IPO on our list is the one by ACDC Metals. This is an Aussie company that specializes in mining heavy metals and rare earth element processing technology.

The company currently has three major projects in Victoria: the Goschen Central Project, Douglas Project, and Watchem Project. Collectively, they have the name: "the Projects."

In addition, ACDC Metals' interest revolves around monazite sand, and this is what the company had to say about its current focus:

It is an "updated and modernized version of the commercially established caustic crack and acid leach process employed to recover REE from monazite sand."

  1. Dynamic Metals Ltd.   

●     Focus: Mining and mineral exploration

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: DYM

●     Raise: $7,000,000

Next up, we've got Dynamic Metals Ltd., which has a listing date in early 2023.

This company's IPO is another good option for investors who see the future in mineral exploration. The U.K.-based company takes pride in mining and supplying its customers with a wide range of aerospace-grade metals.

Being a major source of heavy metals worldwide, Dynamic Metals boasts that its products are essential across various industries. These conventional types of metals include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, alloy steel, nickel alloys, etc.

Better still, Dynamic Metals also specializes in metals that are more challenging to find, backed up with the right technology, equipment, and expertise to make this possible.

3.South-East Queensland Exploration Ltd.  

●     Focus: Mineral exploration

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: SQX

●     Raise: $5,000,000

Another Aussie IPO is by South-East Queensland Exploration Ltd. 

Those who are interested in founding more opportunities in the resources sector and increasing shareholder value by working on mineral exploration projects will appreciate this IPO.

The company is a well-known explorer of gold and copper in the South-East Queensland area. After it goes public, South-East Queensland Exploration Ltd. will be renamed SQX.

Its current CEO, Mark Purcell, is a mining engineer with around ten years of experience at Rio Tinto and Peabody Energy. After understanding that the future lies in investment banking, the engineer made the switch from his decade-old operational role.

4. Patagonia Lithium Ltd.     

●     Focus: Mining and lithium-related industries

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: PL3

●     Raise: $8,000,000

One of the most anticipated Aussie IPOs in 2023 is the one by the lithium-focused company: Patagonia Lithium. It's particularly interesting for investors as the rise in lithium-based industries has risen in 2022. 

This will make mining for the metal all the rage in 2023!

This high demand only makes sense because lithium is the main component in many types of batteries across countless industries. It's an energy-efficient power-storing medium, which led to a sizable increase in 2022's lithium stocks.

The company's upcoming projects include the Tomas III Project, which takes place in Argentina—specifically in Incahuasi Salar, Salta Province. 

There's also the Formentera Project—Patagonia Lithium's flagship project in Paso Salar, Jujuy Province, northwest of Argentina.

5.Gold Hydrogen Ltd.   

●     Focus: Naturally occurring hydrogen resources exploration

●     Issue price: AUD 0.50

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: GHY

●     Raise: $20,000,000

Also opening its doors to the public is Gold Hydrogen's IPO is the dream of many eco-conscious investors. The reason behind this interest is that the company's long-term vision is a world with low-cost and low-carbon hydrogen.

One of the companies concerned with providing clean energy in Australia, Gold Hydrogen, focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly methods to produce hydrogen power.

The company is also committed to providing valuable assets to its stakeholders and shareholders by constantly optimizing its approaches to the natural hydrogen exploration industry.

  1. Acusensus Ltd.     

●     Focus: Traffic enforcement solutions

●     Issue price: AUD 4.00

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: ACE

●     Raise: $20,000,000

Investors interested in the tech industry will be thrilled that Acusensus Ltd. is going public in early 2023. 

This company's main goal is to provide the world with A.I. solutions that'll make a significant change in society. With its highly-experienced team of engineers, developers, and programmers, Ascensus is ready to take the tech market by storm.

So far, the company's projects have centred around providing its partners with several tools to boost the performance of their projects. 

Think advanced automated recognition systems, enhanced ways to keep the privacy and security of data, and a multitude of other cloud-based solutions.

  1. Tiger Tasman Minerals Ltd.

●     Listing date: 24 February 2023

●     Focus: Mineral exploration with a focus on battery and industry minerals

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: T1G

●     Raise: $8,000,000

Much like Gold Hydrogen, Tiger Tasman Minerals' main goal is coming up with eco-friendly approaches to safely mine and process minerals. 

However, instead of extracting naturally occurring hydrogen, Tiger Tasman Minerals is all about base minerals, critical minerals, industrial minerals, and battery minerals.

For a more sustainable future and a smooth transition into worldwide clean energy, the company has special projects to dig up gold, copper, silver, manganese, lithium, nickel, and more. 

Its projects currently take place in Ashburton, Paterson Province, Earaheedy Basin, and the Townsville region, just to name a few.

The way that this company goes about achieving all these goals is by using the help of advanced technology and A.I. assistance. 

Other resources include drone tech, modular construction, and renewable energy—all offering the opportunity to minimize the carbon footprint in during the mining process.

  1. High-Tech Metals Ltd.  

●     Focus: Mineral exploration and mining

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: HTM

●     Raise: $5,500,000

Another promising Aussie IPO in 2023 in the field of mining and mineral exploration is High-Tech Metals Ltd. 

Just a while ago, Global Energy Metals Corp., which is an established Canadian company, signed asset purchase and sale agreements with High-Tech Metals.

GEMC currently has a 70% interest in High-Tech Metals, with the other 30% belonging to Marquee Resources Ltd. 

The main focus of this agreement is the advanced exploration of the Werner Lake region for copper, cobalt, and gold. The managing director of High-Tech Metals had a lot to say about this, as he stated:

"The world needs more high-quality cobalt mines, and High-Tech is committed to beginning work to realize the potential of Werner in a sustainable and responsible manner to ensure strong outcomes for all stakeholders. High-Tech is currently on the path to IPO with Werner as our first project focused on E.V. metals in tier-1 jurisdictions, with the aim to list by the end of 2022."

  1. Greentech Minerals Ltd.

●     Listing date: Yet to be added

●     Focus: High-purity quartz feedstock (developing, mining, physical processing, and marketing)

●     Issue price: AUD 0.20

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: GTM

●     Raise: $7,000,000

Investors who are looking forward to trying their luck in the quartz mining and processing industry are in for a surprise in 2023. That's because the Australian company Greentech Minerals Ltd. is ready to go public sometime in early 2023.

There's no doubt that high-purity quartz will be in rising demand in the upcoming years. Being a crucial part of various hi-tech industry sectors like solar panel manufacturing, mining for quartz is the future.

What's even more encouraging is the exploration done by Greentech Minerals near Mount Isa in northwest Queensland. It showed considerable amounts of HPQ deposits after some bulk sampling and trial mining.

Besides quartz, the company has its sights set on other minerals such as cobalt, copper, phosphate, gold, and vanadium. 

All these minerals are essential components of the global shift to greener energy. Therefore, it only makes sense that investing in mining and processing them will yield rewarding results for investors.

  1. VHM Ltd.    

●     Focus: Mining for rare-earth deposits and critical minerals

●     Issue price: AUD 1.35

●     Issue type: Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

●     Security code: VHM

●     Raise: $30,000,000

Last but not least, VHM Ltd. is another Aussie mining company that's ready to go public in early 2023. The company's positive move is backed by its vision for a brighter and greener future. 

Currently working on two projects that revolve around mining and processing rare-earth minerals, VHM Ltd. is anticipated by many interested investors in the U.S. government.

Its flagship project—the Goschen Project—takes place in the premier mineral sands province in Northwest Victoria. So far, exploration as part of this project has yielded 413,107 tons of total rare earth oxide (TREO).

It's worth noting that this project, as well as the company's other one—AREM—has the support of local, state, and governmental bodies. What proves this point is the exceptionally skilled workforce involved, the bulletproof infrastructure, and other solid features.

These days, the Goschen Project is in the front-end engineering and design (FEED) stage, which will shift into detailed engineering of the mining plans afterwards. The next step is the construction of the mine, then the mining and processing of the materials.

Company experts estimate that this project will come up with an excess of 20 years of mine life!

Final Words

People and companies interested in the Australian stock market will be thrilled about these ten Aussie IPOs coming in 2023.

Most of the companies listed above—Gold Hydrogen Ltd., South-East Queensland Exploration Ltd., and more—specialize in mining and processing different sorts of minerals. 

It only makes sense that most IPOs have this focus in Australia, as the continent is rich in metals essential in clean-energy industries.

The information in this article is well-researched and factual. Still, it contains opinions also, and IT IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE and should not be interpreted as such, do not make any financial decisions based on the information in this article; we are not financial advisors. We are journalists. You should always consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.

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