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Silicon Valley Start-Ups to Watch

March 7, 2023 5:00 pm
Published by: Lucien Paulemil

With over 40 thousand start-ups, Silicon Valley is the birthplace of some of the most innovative start-up companies in the world. All of these start-ups promise to develop new and effective services and products to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

That’s why keeping an eye on new promising start-ups can help you keep a finger on the industry’s pulse, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 11 Silicon Valley start-ups to watch for start-up enthusiasts, upcoming entrepreneurs, and curious investors. Let’s get started!


Wing is an on-demand drone delivery service and UTM systems company. It designs and manufactures drones that can pick up a package, fly to the delivery area, hover over the location, and lower the package safely.

In 2018, Project Wing graduated from Google X to become Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google.

In 2019, Wing began delivering takeout food and drinks from its test facility in Australia. Later that year, it received an Air operator’s certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing it to operate as a commercial service in the United States.

Wing’s delivery drones are currently in operation in Australia, the United States, and Finland. These drones map the route to a designated location via Wing’s UAS traffic management system (UTM).

As a result, a Wing drone can plan the best route from take-off to landing while considering safety and aviation regulations. It can then safely deliver food, groceries, pharmacy products, and even hardware tools.

Wing’s app is also compatible with on-demand delivery apps, parcel carrier services, and e-commerce platforms. So, many businesses, including retail, entertainment, logistics, and healthcare, can use Wing’s drone delivery service.


Step is a digital financial services company that offers an all-in-one bank account, credit card, and money management service.

The intention behind the service is to provide a zero-free banking platform for minors to store and manage their money. That way, parents can help their teens and young adults gain financial literacy and independence at an early age.

Step also issues minors a Step card to use for secure online and in-person purchases anywhere that accept Visa. The card is linked to the Step mobile app and includes parental controls for spending visibility and limits.

Founded in 2018, Step has its banking license through a partnership program with Evolve Bank & Trust, a member of the FDIC. It’s also backed by Collaborative Fund, Crosslink Capital, Kombo Ventures, and Sesame Ventures.

In 2022, the fintech company had its sixth funding round, and it was led by TriplePoint Capital and Evolve Bank & Trust. It raised $300 million, reaching a total funding amount of $491.3 million. is an artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise revenue platform. It uses patented AI technology to maximize a company’s sales productivity, revenue growth, and marketing return on investment (ROI).

The platform documents and analyzes all customer contacts, activity, and engagement. Then, it provides sales and marketing teams with data-driven insights that help them unlock revenue opportunities.

Enterprises such as Zoom and AppDynamics rely on to uncover revenue growth. Zoom, for example, saw 42% higher sales productivity with

Since its founding in 2016, has raised a total funding amount of around $200 million. In addition, as of August 12, 2021, its post-money valuation is at $1.1 billion with $14 billion in AI insights.


While Wing uses drones, Nuro uses self-driving cars for product deliveries. The technology company develops and operates a fleet of autonomous zero-occupant cars that pick up purchased products and deliver them to their destination.

Nuro’s mission is to make deliveries quicker, more affordable, and safer by integrating the benefits of robotics into everyday life. Still, the company’s commercial strategy is currently geared toward the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston.

So, Nuro’s autonomous vehicles are only available in Palo Alto and Mountain View, California, as well as Houston, Texas. People who live in Nuro’s service areas can use one of the partners’ apps, such as FedEx and Domino’s, to place a delivery order and select “autonomous vehicle” when checking out.

Since its inception in 2016, Nuro has raised $2.1 billion in funding, with Google and Tiger Global Management as one of its newest investors. It also received California’s first-ever autonomous-vehicle deployment permit in 2020.

In addition, the company signed a 10-year partnership with Uber to begin robotic deliveries of meals, groceries, and goods in 2022. Through this collaboration, Nuro plans to expand its service to the entirety of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Brightline, also known as Emilio Health, is a med-tech company that offers behavioural healthcare services to children and their families. It provides a virtual platform where specialists can offer virtual coaching programs and clinical care to support children, teenagers, and their families.

The company aims to bring together cutting-edge technology, virtual healthcare, and a collaborative team of specialists in one place. That way, families nationwide can have streamlined access to behaviour therapy, as well as evaluation and medication assistance.

Launched in 2019, Brightline has grown rapidly, raising over $200 million in funding over six rounds. It’s also partnered with Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider.

With this partnership, Brightline aims to increase access to high-quality and affordable pediatric behavioural health care.


Like, Productiv can collect and analyze data to improve a company’s productivity, efficiency, and ROI. However, it’s more focused on employee engagement data than customer data.

Productiv is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management platform that gives IT and procurement teams a unified view of all application engagement analytics. It facilitates collaboration and analysis of how employees use applications to complete tasks.

This employee-focused data-driven approach allows these teams to drive operational efficiency and maximize ROI.

Founded in 2018, Productiv is the only SaaS Intelligence platform available. As a result, it’s become a leading platform among IT teams looking to build a record system for their company’s SaaS portfolios, such as those at Zoom and Uber.

So far, the company has raised a total funding amount of $73 million over three rounds, with Accel, Norwest Venture Partners, and IVP as its leading investors.

Parallel Health

Parallel Health is a skin health company that uses microbiome sequencing data to create personalized, microbial-based skin and body care products.

The skin telehealth company combines dermatologists’ clinical expertise, skin microbiome science, and machine learning in one place. As a result, it intends to provide derm telehealth and skin microbiome testing, as well as personalized skincare and Rx for optimal skin health.

While Parallel Health is still in its early stages, it has drawn the support of investors such as Sand Hill Angels, Illumina Accelerator, and Crista Galli Ventures. It has so far raised $2 million over two rounds of pre-seed funding.


Snappr is a one-stop-shop platform for visual content creation. It connects its users to one of the largest networks of pre-vetted content creators for on-demand photoshoots and content editing.

The platform also offers Snappr Workflows, which is a SaaS product developed for businesses looking to automate massive visual content production. It can create content at scale, process user-generated content, streamline workflow, and allow visual content teams to collaborate.

Launched in 2016, Snappr has raised a total of $13 million in funding. With this cash infusion, Snapper continues on its path to becoming the world’s largest on-demand photography platform.

So far, the company has acquired:

Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics is a start-up that combines robotics and construction work. According to founder Tessa Lau, manual construction layouts aren’t always precise. So, she created Dusty Robotics to increase consistency and precision in the construction industry.

Following its latest funding round, Dusty Robotics has raised a total funding amount of $69 million, bringing its valuation to $250 million. The company’s goal is to make Dusty’s robots a standard in every construction site in the nation.

The robotics company currently offers the Dusty FieldPrinter, which prints an accurate, full-scale floor layout onto the construction surface faster than traditional methods.

The BIM-driven robot prints the layout data on surfaces. The purpose is to reduce labor and material waste, thereby making construction projects more efficient and cost-effective.

Construction workers can also insert workable data into the robot from a tablet before printing. That way, the outcomes are precise and efficient.

Biome Makers

Biome Makers is a biotech company that develops neural biocomputing applications that provide specific solutions to common farming challenges. Like Parallel Health, Biome Makers also utilizes microbiome sequencing data.

The difference is that Biome Makers uses soil microbiome DNA and machine learning to monitor and analyze soil biology. This microbiome analysis yields detailed information that farmers can use to optimize farming practices, soil health, agricultural production, and sustainability.

Founded in 2015, Biome Makers has raised $25 million in funding over eight rounds. So far, the biotech company’s products include WineSeq, BeCrop, and Gheom. It has also collaborated with more than 200 enterprises in the industry, such as Hello Nature.

In addition, Biome Makers offers global non-profit initiatives, such as the BeCrop Advisor Program. This initiative’s goal is to provide agronomists and crop advisors with the knowledge needed to work with farmers, retailers, and manufacturers.


SoundHound is a voice and audio AI platform that develops conversational intelligence and voice-enabled AI technologies. The company aims to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies that provide end-to-end voice AI assistance into the modern lifestyle.

Founded in 2005, SoundHound went public in 2021 via a SPAC merger at a $2.2 billion valuation. It raised $25 million in its most recent funding round, bringing its total funding to $351 million over nine rounds.

The voice AI assistance platform provides developers and businesses with several products. Its Houndify AI platform is a fast speech recognition as well as a voice search and assistance app. This technology is the foundation for Hyundai’s Intelligent Personal Agent system.

In 2017, SoundHound partnered with Hyundai to develop and integrate the Intelligent Personal Agent system into Hyundai’s vehicles in 2019. This partnership led to a seven-year deal to bring SoundHound’s voice AI technology to a wide range of Hyundai vehicles worldwide.

SoundHound’s partnership also expands to include Snap Inc., Mercedes-Benz, Pandora, Mastercard, Qualcomm, and many more.

Another product that SoundHound offers is Hound. It’s a voice assistant app that includes the company’s trademark Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies.

In Conclusion

That brings us to the end of our list of 11 Silicon Valley start-ups to watch.

Indeed, not every venture succeeds. The success of a start-up depends on a variety of factors, including the idea, funding, team, and, of course, plain old luck. Still, promising start-ups have a clear vision of what the market needs and how to fill that gap.

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