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The Boston Dynamics IPO - When Will It Happen?

March 13, 2023 5:00 pm
Published by: Marcus Crest

If you’re into robotics, chances are you’ve heard or perhaps seen some of Boston Dynamics’ viral videos. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company develops and creates robots that resemble human and animal agility and mobility.

Its technological breakthroughs and promising future have captured the interest of many investors. Unfortunately, Boston Dynamics remains a private entity and isn’t listed on any stock exchange, so you can’t invest directly in the company.

So, when will Boston Dynamics have an IPO?

This article will answer that question. It’ll also show you how to invest in Boston Dynamics before it goes public. On top of that, you’ll discover things to know before investing in this company.

Boston Dynamics’ IPO Schedule

In 2021, many speculated that Boston Dynamics would transition into public ownership. However, two years later, the company stays privately owned.

It doesn’t need external financing because of its adequate working capital, courtesy of investments from DARPA, Softbank, Google, and Hyundai.

That said, the company shows no plans of going public in the immediate future. Yet, traders project that its IPO may happen within the next five years. More than that, some believe it’ll float undervalued, letting investors buy an established company at a low price.

As a result, its possible undervaluation makes the market more eager to get its hands on Boston Dynamics shares. The reduced risk makes it an attractive investment opportunity.

Market experts estimate that its IPO price would be between $35 and $50 per share. In the meantime, Boston Dynamics is actively researching and developing various technologies to produce superior outcomes.

However, large-scale projects might hasten the company’s IPO. Public funding might be necessary to accelerate their completion.

Things to Know Before Investing in the Boston Dynamics IPO

While waiting for its IPO, a closer look at the company will help you determine if Boston Dynamics is a sound investment, especially for the long term. Read on to learn more.

Boston Dynamics Advanced Technology

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the company’s advanced technology.


Revealed in 2016, Spot is Boston Dynamic’s robot dog that can map out the terrain and navigate around obstacles. That’s thanks to its 360° perception technology.

Moreover, its unrivalled mobility enables it to climb and descend stairs. Users can take advantage of Spot’s ability to do routine inspections and gather data. Use it on uneven surfaces like concrete, grass, gravel, and curbs.

In addition, Boston Dynamics equipped Spot with built-in stereo cameras so you can control it from a distance with a tablet. Plus, you can customise the controls as well as assign tasks and missions to this robot dog.

One of the notable applications of this technology benefits law enforcers. Police officers use Spot to inspect packages suspected of dangerous and explosive materials. Thus, this innovation helps protect the lives of first responders.


Designed for outdoor and indoor environments, Atlas is a humanoid robot used in rescue and dangerous operations. It made its public debut in July 2013 and was funded by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

This machine can open doors, turn valves, and operate powered equipment. Additionally, this six-foot tall human-like robot has dual vision systems controlled by an off-board computer. Furthermore, its superb dexterity allows effortless navigation through hostile terrains like snow and rubble.

Lastly, Atlas flaunts unparalleled motor skills, such as running, jumping, throwing objects, and even driving land vehicles.


In 2020, Boston Dynamics unveiled Stretch as a prototype. The company released its commercial version after months of test runs and development.

As a box-moving machine, its expertise includes unloading cargo from trucks and removing packages from pallets. Its maker equipped Stretch with an advanced vision that delivers quick and accurate detection.

Likewise, it has an arm powerful enough to carry heavy warehouse equipment and accessories. On top of that, Stretch has long-lasting batteries that can last the whole shift on a single charge.

Other Past Innovations

Boston Dynamics has also developed a robot that collects and sorts trash. Known as Handle, it has both legs and wheels for navigating over rough surfaces. More than that, it’s equipped with arms capable of carrying heavy loads.

WildCat is another intelligent machine that shows Boston Dynamic’s expertise. This cheetah-inspired robot can run up to 32 kilometres per hour on flat surfaces. The company designed this bipedal innovation to help in different military operations.

Revealed in 2010, the Legged Squad Support System is another robot that helps armed personnel. Also known as LS3, this machine operates by carrying gear for soldiers over hilly and difficult terrain. This automated pack horse works in wet, cold, and hot environments.

In 2007, the company revealed RHex; a six-legged robot with impressive mobility on rocky, muddy, sandy, and snowy surfaces.

The machine was originally conceptualised by Martin Buehler of the Ambulatory Robotics Lab at McGill University, Canada. After that, Boston Dynamic took over the production of its commercial version.

Boston Dynamics Market Scope

Now that you’ve seen the range of products Boston Dynamics has to offer, let's look at some of the organisations that have proven the efficiency of these innovations.

Dominion Energy

The energy sector is one of those that benefit from the robots of Boston Dynamics. The company Dominion Energy experienced it firsthand. It happened when this Virginia-based power and energy firm commissioned Spot.

Supplying energy to seven million customers requires Dominion to conduct routine inspections on various sites. These tasks put human workers in grave danger.

However, when Dominion deployed Spot, the company saw its efficiency in inspections and data gathering, which helped keep company personnel out of harm’s way. The robot also impressed Dominion with its ability to complete the job without recharging the battery.

Moreover, Dominion praised Spot’s controls. Learning to operate the machine only took the company a couple of hours. The crew was able to navigate Spot comfortably without hitting any objects.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Boston Dynamics’ state-of-the-art technology also helps in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, believes that robots can make possible cave explorations on other planets. These underground chambers might unlock the possible existence of alien life forms.

NASA saw that BD’s Spot had the stability to navigate tough terrain. In addition, the space agency admires the robot’s endurance, speed, and capability to carry science instruments.

Spot demonstrated those abilities when it independently explored a Martian analogue cave. Advanced mobility enabled the robot to get through the cave’s smaller branches, successfully surveying the area and transmitting data back to the base station.

DHL and Other Early Customers

Apart from the energy and aerospace sectors, the robots of Boston Dynamics also aid in boosting the supply chain of various companies. Some of its early customers included clothing lines like Gap and H&M.

Furthermore, this company also has an agreement with one of the world’s largest logistics companies. DHL signed a deal with Boston Dynamics to purchase $15 million of products.

This contract is part of DHL’s effort to automate warehousing in North America. As such, the company will use the robot Stretch to make the necessary improvements.

Performance Team is another company that has a multi-year agreement with Boston Dynamics. Like DHL, it aims to improve its distribution capabilities by utilising Stretch.

Factors That Can Accelerate Boston Dynamics’ IPO

While Boston Dynamics doesn’t have any IPO plans, some factors that help the robotics market grow rapidly might make the company think otherwise. They might make BD go public soon to raise fresh capital and satisfy the growing demand for robots.

Let’s take a look at each of these factors.

High Labor Costs and the Growing Demand for Efficient Productivity

Rising labour costs, especially in developed countries, are one factor that drives up the demand for automation. The reason is that a well-constructed robot can replace multiple employees.

Back in 2016, several factory owners were able to replace nearly 10,000 workers with only 66 robots. Two years later, the number of robots had increased to 85. Either way, robots were still cheaper to employ and more cost-effective.

In addition, business operators started relying more and more on machines to increase productivity. A well-built robot is more precise than a human worker. It performs tasks with near-perfect accuracy and delivers results on time.

In addition, robots are versatile. Businesses utilise them regardless of working conditions. It makes machines useful in areas where human safety can be a concern.

All these factors might hasten the IPO of companies like Boston Dynamics to raise capital and satisfy the market’s demands.

The Threat of Another Pandemic

In 2020, the world sustained significant damage from COVID-19.

A comprehensive study shows that robots played a crucial role during the pandemic. For one, they reduced physical contact between patients and medical personnel, making the latter safer.

Secondly, robots perform efficiently even after long hours of work, thus providing healthcare workers with more time to rest. Lastly, the medical community witnessed how machines carried out several tasks simultaneously during the said crisis.

With our environment's current condition, Professor Máire Connolly believes our generation might see another pandemic originating from a new strain of influenza.

In addition, widespread mining, logging, and the intrusion of virgin forests also expose people to pathogens like Ebola. Lastly, the use of biological weapons might lead to another health crisis.

The threat of another pandemic will likely accelerate the process of automation. It calls for robot manufacturers to increase production.

Demand for Military Robots

From 2022 to 2031, the market for military robots is projected to enjoy a 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Governments of developed countries aim to reduce war casualties by utilising intelligent machines during military conflicts. They’re investing heavily in unmanned systems like UUVs, UGVs, and UAVs.

Some countries even work together to develop state-of-the-art vehicles capable of supporting ground troops. They use substantial resources for research and development, either in their facilities or by tapping the expertise of private companies.

Investing in Boston Dynamics Before the IPO

The company’s indefinite IPO date makes traders wonder how to invest in Boston Dynamics even before flotation. While doing it directly at this stage is difficult, you can stock in its parent company.

In June 2021, Hyundai Motor Group completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics from Softbank. The deal price amounted to $1.1 billion for an 80% stake.

As a company with a controlling interest in BD, some investors are eyeing to redirect their resources to Hyundai Motors. They understood that the South Korean car manufacturer's share price by some means represents the performance of Boston Dynamics.

Unlike BD, Hyundai Motor Group trades publicly with a ticker symbol of OTCMKTS: HYMTF.

How To Invest In The Boston Dynamics IPO

Boston Dynamics stock will not be easy to buy; like all Pre-IPO companies, Boston Dynamics shares will be difficult for a retail investor to acquire, but not impossible.

The most reasonable chance an ordinary investor has of investing directly in Boston Dynamics stock early on is by activating an account with eToro, as they will make the Boston Dynamics stock at the IPO available to you at the earliest opportunity.

US citizens can register for the Boston Dynamics IPO by using this link.

Register for IPO Boston Dynamics Shares using this link if you are in the UK, UAE, Europe, Australia, and most other countries.

If eToro is not currently serving your Country, we suggest signing up with Switchmarkets, they have a wide range of financial products available, and they will make new issues like Boston Dynamics available to you early on. They also offer a one-time sign-up bonus of up to $5,000.00. Register for Boston Dynamics stock here.

Investing in Other Robotic Stocks Until Boston Dynamics’ IPO

Knowing the increasing demand for robots, some traders have started investing in other robotic companies while waiting for Boston Dynamics to hit the public domain.

It includes companies like iRobot, which produces automated household equipment, such as vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers. With the trading symbol of NASDAQ: IRBT, iRobot has a market cap of $1.14 billion.

Fanuc is another publicly traded company that you might want to check. Its trading symbol is OTCMKTS: FANUY. Established in 1972 with headquarters in Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture, Fanuc manufactures robots for the electronics and automotive industries.

Lastly, some traders have their resources invested in ReWalk Robotics. This is a company that develops advanced medical devices that help people with lower limb disabilities, such as the ReWalk Personal 6.0 System, which is one of its best-known innovations.

The company’s trading symbol is NASDAQ: RWLK.

Final Thoughts

While it's unclear when exactly Boston Dynamics will transition into public ownership, the demands for its technology are very evident. We saw the utilization of its robots in various fields like the energy sector and the aerospace industry.

Moreover, science-backed data confirms that the robotics industry is the future. We’ve discovered that more and more businesses are commissioning robots to reduce expenses and increase productivity. Likewise, we might soon see hospitals using intelligent machines for their patients.

In the end, the present market that Boston Dynamics enjoys and the rising demand for automation might expedite its IPO.

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