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Will You Profit From The AI Boom?

October 26, 2023 7:57 pm
Published by: David Richardson

Cybersecurity experts and hackers assembled at a conference centre near the Las Vegas Strip during the annual DefCon event in August 2023. Notably, a fresh element was introduced: the challenge of outsmarting AI chatbots.

Prominent AI developers participated in the three-day competition, tasking hackers to identify weaknesses in various language models. Key players in the industry are engaged in a competitive race to advance generative AI by enhancing chatbot accuracy and addressing vulnerabilities that give rise to a range of concerns surrounding this emerging technology.

Many businesses are also uncovering novel applications for AI continually. This technology begins to exhibit early signs of disrupting the contemporary economy.

Why AI Investments Are Likely To Be Huge in 2023 and Beyond

To ride the internet boom of the 2010s successfully, there was a clear winning strategy. Investors had to buy semiconductor stocks in 2010, sell them in 2011, reinvest the gains into infrastructure stocks, sell those in 2013, and finally channel the profits into software and tech services stocks. The AI Revolution is poised to follow a similar pattern.

AI investments are anticipated to be primarily focused on four crucial business segments:

  • Companies engaged in training and developing AI models.
  • Businesses that are providing the necessary infrastructure for AI applications.
  • Companies developing software to facilitate AI-enabled applications.
  • Enterprise users who subscribe to these cloud and software infrastructure services.

In an investment report that Goldman Sachs released, economists Joseph Briggs and Devesh Kodnani projected that AI could attract up to $200 billion in global investments by 2025. Half of them are set to occur in the United States, thereby bolstering the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Much of this anticipated growth is attributed to the rapid progress in generative AI, with OpenAI's ChatGPT serving as one of the prominent examples of generative AI technology.

What Does This Mean for Private/Pre-IPO Companies?

AI startups are receiving significant backing from investors even when they haven't designed the actual AI product yet. For instance, French startup Mistral AI secured $118 million in funding last month, marking one of Europe's most substantial seed rounds to date. Surprisingly, the company didn't have a functional product. But this fact didn't deter Antoine Moyroud, a member of Lightspeed Venture Partners, from becoming a major supporter of the emerging company.

Ambitious AI-oriented private startups should look into the future with hope. Their products will likely shape global economies and labor productivity for years to come.

Invest in AI Start-Ups and/or IPOs

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Since AI possesses massive economic potential and could accelerate global productivity throughout the decade, it's no wonder that flocks of investors are rushing to invest in this goldmine. If you're looking forward to establishing your AI startup or investing in one, then AI-IPO.INFO will provide an extensive pool of knowledge and a brochure with info on AI startups and upcoming IPOs. Set yourself up to begin your AI investing journey on the right foot!

The information in this article is well-researched and factual. Still, it contains opinions also, and IT IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE and should not be interpreted as such, do not make any financial decisions based on the information in this article; we are not financial advisors. We are journalists. You should always consult with a professional before making any investment decisions. We hold no stock or interest in any Companies discussed on this website/app.

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